RANA Development


RANA facilitates large scale and long term change inside client organizations, aimed at viability, growth and profit.


RANA facilitates work sessions to help organizations develop their planning processes, arrive at consensus on key organizational issues and develop their own internal
management processes. RANA also provides intensive workshops for basic, intermediate and advanced facilitators.

RANA provides training and development across the broad range of management processes, including Business, Strategic and Operational Planning, Project Management and Knowledge Management.

RANA provides coaching to the senior and executive ranks of the organization, aimed at improving their skills in process management.

Project leadership:
RANA leads project change interventions, managing the complete cycle of business transformation.

Research and development:
RANA bases its expertise on its knowledge, contained in its extensive data base and manuals covering the field of management processes.

President/Chief Executive Officer:

Paul H. J. Cormier

RANA Development Inc.