The Consortium


Welcome to IBSG, Inc.

Integrated Business Solutions, Inc. is a consortium of eight separate contributing companies offering integrated and specialized facilitation services for a broad range of expertise. In particular, we work in the following key areas:

1.  Business Transformation: 
This service facilitates large scale and long term change inside client organizations, aimed at viability, growth and profit.

2.  Immigration:
This service facilitates the immigration of citizens of other countries to Canada, through the variety of processes available to do so.

3.  Agricultural and Environmental Development Studies:  
This service is aimed at facilitating the development of innovative approaches in the fields of agriculture and the environment, for example, Vertical Farming.

4.  International Trade:
This service seeks to locate and facilitate international projects that are part of IBSG’s portfolio of expertise.

5.  Communications, Production and Social Media Support:
This service provides support services related to materials used by client organizations for communications and marketing and organizes and manages social media strategies on their behalf.

6.  Information Technologies:  
This service ensures the most up-to-date hardware and software support for the consortium and for clients requiring it.

7.  Legal and Para-legal Services:
This service provides risk management and judiciary services for IBSG and client needs.

8.  Financial and Investment Portfolio Management:
This service manages investments made in Canada and abroad on behalf of IBSG and client projects.