Clément-Laurie and Associates


Clement-Laurie and Associates Inc. (CLA) offers full professional facilitation contract services integrated to clients’ specific needs in the areas of Record Suspensions (Pardons); Royal Prerogative of Mercy (Clemency); US Visa Waivers; Immigration (Canada and the US); Investigations; Risk Management and Evaluations; Apostils/Oath  Certifications; Coaching and Mentoring; Translation Services (6 languages).


Record Suspensions (Pardon)
CLA prepares applications to have a criminal record made separate and inaccessible to general queries
Royal Prerogative of Mercy (Clemency)
CLA prepares applications for clemencies to the Governor General of Canada
Immigration (to Canada)
CLA supports immigration applicants or those interested in immigrating to Canada
Immigration (to the United States)
CLA offers immigration services for someone wanting to immigrate to the US

US Visa Waivers
CLA supports applications for USA Visa Waivers for travel in the United StatesInvestigations, Risk Management, Coaching and Mentoring
CLA provides expert facilitators to support the individual needs of clients
Apostils Services and Oath Certifications
CLA prepares, coordinates and delivers international certifications of documents
Translation Services
CLA provides translations from and to: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic

President/Chief Executive Officer:

Raymond O. Clément

Clement-Laurie & Associates